Our Team

At Softlab, we have assembled a talented pool of project analysts, web designers, web developers, mobile app developers, project managers, SEO experts and business developers who work in a collaborative manner on different projects.

As a leading Website/Mobile Design & Development Company in Albania, we develop and build web & mobile technologies to help companies attract and target new customers. We have been creating unique web designs for different businesses — e-commerce, ERP solutions, SME or government institutions with the use of latest technologies.

Our Story

Five years ago, we came up with the idea of gathering a talented pool of people under one roof with one goal: “Building disruptive technologies for businesses and startups”. Like everyone we started small but we carefully handpicked the most creative minds and innovators to create cutting-edge technologies.

Five years and more then 35 projects later we pride ourselves for making a significant impact on some of the best products and startups on the market.

Our core mission is to stay "Unified" and "Creative" and grow strong everyday.

Arnold Zhulali
Albi Zhulali
Managing Partner
Arnold Drita
Managing Partner
Ardit Mata
Software Engineer
Kristian Toska
Software Engineer
Reldi Cela
Software Engineer
Dashamir Duraj
Software Engineer
Jonida Alimadhi
Software Engineer
Bernard Kllogjri
Software Engineer